Unsure About Where to Look for the Best Inverter Battery in India? Read This

Best Inverter Battery in India

The battery is the backbone of a home inverter system, and therefore, it is important to buy one from a reputable brand. But selecting the right battery brand is not easy and it requires extensive research. We will, therefore, cut to the chase and suggest you go with Luminous India, one of the most reputable inverter battery brands in India. The company is known for producing the best inverter batteries in India. And just in case you are wondering what makes them a market leader, here are the reasons that make them a market leader.

What makes Luminous India the best inverter battery brand?

The following reasons make Luminous India one of the best inverter battery brands in India.

Quality Product

Inspired by technology and the latest innovations, Luminous India always strives towards manufacturing quality products. The company offers longer warranties which shows the confidence they have in their products.

Exclusive Features

If you are looking for a feature-rich inverter then we recommend you to go with a Luminous inverter. Their inverters come with exclusive features such as wi-fi connectivity, LCD display, hassle-free top-up, MCB protection, and many more.

Value for Money

Luminous inverters are available at different price points. While the small inverters are available at less than INR 10000, the high capacity inverters are available at much higher rates that go even in the range of 3 to 4 lacs. The good thing is that whatever be the price, Luminous inverters are valued for money.  

Wide Range of Products

Luminous is one of the few brands that offer a wide range of products. From small to medium to high capacity, the company offers an extensive range of inverters and batteries.

Excellent After Sales Support

One of the primary concerns people have at the time of buying any product is the after-sales support that they would receive. Luminous India is a brand that’s known for providing excellent after-sales support. No wonder the company has millions of satisfied consumers.

Consistent Power Backup

Usually, a battery’s power backup capacity degrades with time. Luminous, however, design best-in-class batteries that deliver consistent power backup even over long periods of use. Some models such as the Regalia even come with integrated Li-ion batteries.

Last Few Words

Now that you know Luminous offers quality products, you should not procrastinate your battery buying decision any further and check out the wide range of inverters and batteries the company has to offer.

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