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Hello friends, today we are going to talk about the Jat Murder Case composed by Bijnor, as you all know all political parties talk about Jat-Muslim unity to take advantage of Votto, but in real life something There is more. A similar case has emerged from Bijnor in Uttar Pradesh, which has raised the senses of the police administration and Uttar Pradesh, after all, that is the whole matter, we will tell you further. Stayed with us to know that.

Rachit Jaat Shoot By Pistol

Please tell your information that in the Surle Bazar in Jhalu town of Haldore in Bijnor district, a young man named Jat, who was being named Jat, was roasted in broad daylight and was killed. And in the series ‘Mirzapur’ style, the Muslim attackers who killed Sarebazar were fearless. These miscreants were neither afraid of the police nor afraid of the law. The surprising thing is that the criminals do not run away after committing the crime but instead sit there and smoke cigarettes comfortably, and by threatening to stop the present people from testifying by intermittent firing and firing in the air And started saying that if someone testifies, he would have to die.

The entire case has happened with 27-year-old Rachit Jat, a resident of village Syaihara Girdhar in Kaitwali Nagar area of ​​Haldair town of Jhalu in Uttar Pradesh, who was shot to death in the middle market. Let me tell you that Rachit had gone to the market to buy goods, during this time, Shariq, Shadab, Shahzad, Shahbaz, and another young man living in the neighborhood reached him and started firing bullets at him, quoting sources. According to the information, it is being told that there was an old rivalry between these two, due to which this incident was carried out.

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