VIDEO: Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage Open Up Being Blackmailed Over Leaked Intimate Video

VIDEO: Nigerian singer Tiwa Savage Open Up Being Blackmailed Over Leaked Intimate Video: It is an incredible and genuine offense to extort somebody by the utilization of their private video. The individuals who do such demonstrations show their little attitude. At present, Iconic Nigerian artist, Tiwa Savage is experiencing this extortion. Tiwa says that she is as of now being coerced over grown-up video content. The resonating artist noticed that the grown-up video includes her and her current sweetheart. The pro artist, Tiwa made this disclosure at the hour of a meeting with American OAP, Angie Martinez Of Power 105.

Where To Watch Tiwa Savage Leaked Video?

Discussing the circumstance which she is going through, Tiwa uncovered that her sweetheart is as upset subsequent to thinking about this turn of events. Tiwa expressed that “Yesterday, I was leaving a radio broadcast and I was in my vehicle when my street chief drop me a message. She said that I should have to check my telephone and when I actually look at it and there was a video in it and I was very much like, “Goodness”!”

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Tiwa Savage Being Blackmailed On Intimate Video

“In the wake of watching the video, I asked him where he got it from, and in this answer, he said he got it around 20 minutes sooner. The video was dropped to him and the video contains a tape of me and the individual whom I am presently dating. At the outset, the principal thing I did after I got off the telephone was that I dropped it at my administrator and asked him what we ought to do now.”

“The blackmailer is currently requesting cash. The individual who I am dating is going furious and insane as well. Then, at that point, my administrator asked me how much sum that blackmailer is requesting.” Tiwa further expressed that she has decided not to pay a solitary penny to the people who is coercing her for “doing which is exceptionally normal”. She said, “I picked I was not going to give the cash to the blackmailer as though I do, two months from now, 90 days down the line or even after 2 years, you will be back once more.”

“Who knows, If I gave the cash, the blackmailer will deliver it. I’m not going to allow any individual to extort me for doing what is normal.” The vibrant artist further focused on that she won’t give ten pennies or a solitary penny to her blackmailers. Tiwa said that she could deliver the video cut herself as she is “that much insane. No single piece of me needs to give the cash to the individual. That is the thing that is getting me angrier. assuming you need to deliver it then, at that point, discharge it. I’m that insane that I can deliver it out myself. You won’t bring in any cash from me. This was only a cozy and adorable second with somebody who I am dating and the individual who is my sweetheart isn’t well known as he is only an everyday person and his whole business is going to be out.”

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