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All India convener of Pragya Pravah J Nandakumar said they will give a memorandum to the CPM-led state government demanding a memorial for the mass murder in Kerala's Malappuram.

The RSS has decided to take up the issue of the Moplah massacre at the national level. Pragya Pravah, a branch of RSS in charge of think tanks across the country, has decided to organize an exhibition on September 25 this month at Palika Park in New Delhi. On September 25, 100 years of the Moplah massacre are being completed. The history of the Moplah massacre is disputed.

The Marxist view is that it was a peasant revolt against the wealthy landlords in Kerala, while the Indian authority argues that it was pure religious violence in which thousands of Hindus were killed and converted to Islam. After the exhibition, there will be a seminar in New Delhi on 26th. RSS has been organizing district-level programs on the Moplah massacre in Kerala for the last 15 years. ourdailyupdates.com

Memorandum regarding the demand to build a memorial for the mass murder

Pragya Pravah’s All India Convenor J Nandakumar said he would give a memorandum to the CPM-led state government demanding a memorial for the mass murder in Kerala’s Malappuram. He said, “We remember September 25 as Malabar Hindu Genocide Day. We are opposed to the state government spending government money in organizing seminars on the Moplah massacre. The state government is sprinkling salt on the wounds of the people. Hindus were killed and the government should accept it.”

There is a massive churning going on in Kerala on drug-related issues, on which a section of the Church and the RSS has come together. The Moplah massacre remains a highly contentious issue like the Khilafat movement, where the Congress-led by Gandhi supported it. However, what is new this time is that the RSS has decided to take this debate forward at the national level. The seminar in Delhi is being organized by the 1921 Malabar Rebellion Martyrs Remembrance Committee.

J Nandakumar is part of the committee. When asked why the ceremony is being organized in Delhi, he said, “2021 marks the completion of hundred years of the genocide, and the state government has decided to celebrate it. This needs to be opposed,” Nandakumar said, adding that the Moplah massacre lasted more than eight months and the British had to deploy a Gorkha regiment to take back control of the region. It was only in 1922 that some order was restored in the Malabar region.

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