What Was Rapper Goonew Cause of Death Reason? Goon Rich or BigWizzle Shot and Killed CCTV Video Viral on Social Media Twitter & Reddit Full Explained

What Was Rapper Goonew Cause of Death Reason? Goon Rich or BigWizzle Shot and Killed CCTV Video Viral on Social Media Twitter & Reddit Full Explained:- It is disheartened to declare the death of the DMV rapper Goonew who was purportedly shot and killed on Friday, March 18, 2022. He was 24-years of age at the hour of his passing. The rapper was likewise known by the name of Big Wizzle. As indicated by the sources, the rapper was hurried to the neighborhood clinic after he was shot at 3400 Bl. of Walters Lane in District Hts, as indicated by various reports. Presently, the examination of this firing has started and PGPD is making an honest effort to track down the offenders and exploring this matter as a crime shooting. Continue to peruse to get more updates.  Follow for More Latest Updates Ourdailyupdates.com

In the event that we talk about another rapper who shot and killed, craftsman VNZA was killed in Missouri in June. Another Brooklyn-based rapper Supa Gates additionally experienced a similar occurrence after he was shot on different occasions at St John’s Place close to Troy Avenue in Crown Heights on April 11. While Chicago-based rapper KTS Dre was shot multiple times on his head and in different pieces of his body. The occurrence of rapper KTS Dre occurred in July 2021. We have detailed numerous episodes as of late in which developing well-known rappers were killed because of their notoriety.

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Who Was Rapper Goonew?

As per the sources, DMV rapper Goonew was apparently shot and killed. He was likewise known by different names of Goon Rich, Goonwick, or Big64. All things considered, the never remained a lot of dynamic via web-based entertainment as there are just two photos of the rapper on his Instagram handle. The rapper account @goonew64 has around 153K supporters and 893 followers with only 2 posts. He posted his last picture only two days prior.

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The rapper was most popular for his astounding hit tunes like “No Diss”, “Stain”, “Score”, “Down Bad” and some more. The rapper accomplished a gigantic fan base among his friends and family and audience members all over the planet. In light of his famous hits among audience members, rappers’ melodies are as yet accessible on Youtube, Spotify, JioSaavan, Apple Music, and different stages.

What Was Rapper Goonew Cause of Death?

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He was brought up in Maryland – the region known for its neediness and savagery. Since the insight about his passing turned into a web sensation via web-based entertainment, his fans honored him and communicated their sympathy. A tweet by RapTV peruses,” DMR Rapper Goonew has allegedly died because of a shooting. Sending our supplications and sympathies”. The rapper had expected total assets of about $2 million. Goonew was otherwise called BigWizzle among his fans. He will be generally recalled by his friends and family.

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