Who are the judges of Delhi High Court, Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Palli, Who are Putting the Class of Governments on the Oxygen Crisis?

Delhi High Court on Oxygen Crisis: The Delhi High Court has made it clear that it will not tolerate the negligence of anyone regarding the oxygen supply to save human life.

“You beg, borrow or steal, but bring oxygen, we cannot see patients dying.” (Delhi High Court from Central Government)

“Has greed increased so much that humanity has not survived?” (Delhi High Court from Oxygen Supplier Company)
“If someone stops the supply, we will not spare him, hang him.” (Delhi High Court on stopping of oxygen tank)

These three comments of the Delhi High Court are enough to tell how strict the court is regarding the provision of oxygen to the corona patients. Be it the Oxygen Suppliers Company, the State Government or the Central Government… the Delhi High Court has made it clear that it will not tolerate the negligence of anyone to save human life. The Delhi High Court has played an important role in the improvement in the last 3-4 days regarding oxygen supply.

In fact, amidst the second wave of Corona, the Delhi High Court has taken a strong stand on the shortage of oxygen coming from hospitals located in other states across the country, including Delhi, and deaths due to this. Taking cognizance of such cases, the Delhi High Court has consistently given tough decisions in the last few days. The High Court has also commented on the state government and the central government, from the companies producing and supplying oxygen.

Bench of two judges is hearing

There are two justices in this bench of the High Court hearing the Corona epidemic and lack of oxygen. Justice Vipin Sanghi and Justice Rekha Palli. Both judges have heard many big cases before this. Justice Rekha Palli has also been involved in several big cases like the disappearance of Najeeb, a student of Delhi Un versity, disqualification of Aam Aadmi Party candidates, permanent commission to women in the army. At the same time, Justice Vipin Sanghi has also heard many important decisions.

Who is Justice Vipin Sanghi?

Born on 27 October 1961 in Nagpur, Vipin Sanghi is a third generation legalist in his family. His grandfather late VK Sanghi and father late GL Sanghi have been senior advocates. According to information available on the Delhi High Court website dhcmediation.nic.in (solution), in 1965, his family shifted from Nagpur to Delhi. After completing his schooling from Delhi Public School, he completed BSc Honors in Mathematics from Delhi University. And then here he took admission in LLB in the Law Faculty of Campus Law Center. After completing his law studies in the year 1986, he was registered with the Bar Council of Delhi as Advocate.

Assumed many important responsibilities

In the beginning of his career, he worked with senior advocate Mukul Rohatgi. During 1990-91, he was appointed as a panel advocate of the Central Government. He also worked as a central government panel advocate in the Supreme Court. Then practiced on the civil and constitutional side of MC Jain Commission of Inquiry and then Delhi High Court and Supreme Court.

Journey from Advocate to Judge of Delhi High Court

In December 2005, he was nominated as Senior Advocate of the Delhi High Court. He has attended various international law conferences including LAW-ASIA’s biennial conferences in Tokyo, Japan and the Gold Coast, Australia, the Pola Conference in Hong Kong and the INSOL Law Conference in Colombo in Sri Lanka. He was appointed as Additional Judge of the Delhi High Court on 29 May 2006 and has been serving as the sitting judge since 11 February 2008.

Who is Justice Rekha Palli?

Rekha Palli, born on March 9, 1963, did her elementary school from Lady Irwin School. According to the information available on delhihighcourt.nic.in, in 1983, he completed his BSc from Hindu College of Delhi University and then LLB degree from Campus Law Center, Delhi in 1986. Registered with the Bar Council of Delhi in July 1986, he started working as a lawyer.

She started practice in the Punjab and Haryana High Court in 1986 and worked there till March 1989. He registered as a Supreme Court lawyer in March 1991. She has practiced mainly in Delhi High Court, Supreme Court and Central Administrative Tribunal, Armed Forces Tribunal, and National Company Law Tribunal among others.

Was a party to the government, now heed the shortcomings

He was appointed as a permanent advocate for the Delhi High Court, Employees’ State Insurance Corporation, and Air Force Schools. Then he was appointed as Senior Panel Advocate of the Government of India in the Delhi High Court itself. She has also represented various universities and municipal corporations in the Supreme Court. He was nominated as Senior Advocate by the Delhi High Court in April 2015. He was then appointed as a judge of the Delhi High Court on 15 May 2017.

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