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Rohini Court Firing: Jitendra Gogi, who was brought before the court, died on the spot. Jitendra was murdered by members of Tillu gang. Jitendra has an old enmity with the Tillu gang.

Rohini Court Firing: Gangster Jitendra Gogi was shot dead in broad daylight in Delhi’s Rohini Court. Jitendra Gogi, who was brought before the court, died on the spot. Jitendra was murdered by members of the Tillu gang. However, Jitendra has an old rivalry with the Tillu gang. Many people have also lost their lives in this enmity.

Jitendra Gogi was born in the year 1991 in the village Alipur, Delhi. His father Mehr Singh was a private contractor. Jitendra came in contact with some leaders of the college while studying in Shardanand College and participated in the college elections. During the election, he fought with his rival group and along with his associates Ravi Bhardwaj alias Bunty, Arun alias Commando, Deepak alias Monu, Kunal Mann, and Sunil Mann opened fire on Sandeep and Ravinder. An FIR was also lodged in this case. His associate has been Ravi Bharadwaj alias Bunty gangster, for whose arrest a reward of Rs 1 lakh was announced by the Delhi Police, who was arrested by the Special Cell in the year 2014.

Arun alias Commando also studied in Shraddhanand College and was supporting a student of Alipore during the student union elections. The said candidate was a resident of the village of gangster Jitendra Gogi. On the other hand, another student, a cousin of another gangster Sunil alias Tillu resident of village Tajpur was a candidate from the opposite side. The members of Sunil alias Tillu’s faction beat up Arun alias Commando for some reason. The candidate of Jitendra Gogi’s group withdrew from that election and the candidate of Sunil alias Tillu’s group won that election but that incident gave rise to enmity between the two and from here there was enmity between the two.

After the arrest of Sonu Dariyapur, Delhi’s most wanted person Gogi was operating a secret network. In which a large number of local youth were involved. These include some medal-winning players whose dreams and reality do not match. Gogi’s connoisseurs state that his mission was the “complete destruction” of Tillu. At least 12 people from both sides have lost their lives in the last five years. Gogi will not stop until he kills Tillu. Even though Tillu is in jail, he was planning to kill her.

Increased enmity between gangs

Sunil Mann, an aide of Gogi, came close to Sunil alias Tillu during judicial custody. After their release from jail, Gogi and Sunil Mann became rivals on the issue of dominance. On the other hand, Gogi’s distant sister had an affair with Deepak alias Raju in the year 2010-11. Deepak used to date that girl and used to admit this openly. Deepak has been a co-accused of Tillu. After this, due to the said conduct of Deepak, the accused Gogi and his associates carried out the murder of Deepak. In that case, four accused Yogesh alias Tundra, Kuldeep alias Fazza, Dinesh and Rohit have been arrested, and accused Jarnail has been arrested by the Special Cell.

Later Gogi was arrested by Panipat Police on 03.03.16 but he escaped from judicial custody in the month of July 2016 in the Bahadurgarh area. In retaliation for Deepak’s murder, members of the accused Tillu’s gang killed Arun alias Commando, who was an aide of gangster Gogi. Sonu was arrested in this case and Tillu was absconding for more than a year and later he was also arrested and is currently in judicial custody. After this, several incidents were carried out between the two gangs and the enmity between the two went on increasing.

won medal in volleyball

While Gogi won medals in volleyball, represented his school in competitions in Bihar and Jammu, and Kashmir. When he was 17 years old, his right shoulder was injured in an accident, due to which he could never play again. As with any career opportunity in volleyball, Gogi began to look for options to earn money. His elder brother Ravinder used to drive and rent tempos, while his father Mehr Singh, a private contractor belonging to the Jat community, a prominent landlord in Alipore, was diagnosed with cancer.

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