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Live: Kerala Win Win W 615 Lottery Result 09 Jul 2021 Today Bhagyakuri Lottery Result Updates

Kerala Win Win W 615 Lottery Result Draw on 09-July-2021. Check Live Win Win Bhagyakuri Lottery Result Prize Money Structure Today Win Win Lottery Result

The Lottery department of Kerala Draw Win Win Lottery Result (വിൻ വിൻ ലോട്ടറി ഫലം W 615 on every Monday Sree Chithira home auditorium, Thiruvananthapuram. Every Monday draw starts at 3:00 Pm and the Draw end at 4:00 Pm on the same day. A single win-win lottery price is Only Rs. 30. Win-Win Lottery Result W 615 first prize is RS.65 Lakhs(only 1 Winner), the second prize is Rs.10 Lakhs (Only 1 Winner), The third prize is RS.1 Lakhs(12 winners).  If you want to get the latest news and updates of the related win-win lottery so go on our win-win lottery page, because there we update the latest news and live Win-Win lottery results from the department of Kerala.

Win Win Lottery Result

High Chance of winning Win Win Lottery Result a lottery

Much the same as other lottery tickets offered by the Kerala government, even in win-win lottery top section prizes are just drawn through the sold tickets. All things considered, the possibility of winning is 1 out of 56 tickets with chances additionally diminished to 1 out of 1,08,00,000 in the event that you are focusing on first prize.

To start with, to third prizes are guaranteed and will be attracted full while the rest of the lower prize piece i.e fourth to eighth relies upon the offer of the tickets.

This is the primary week lottery of the state of Kerala and Win Win Bhagyakauri W-615 Lottery Result is the principal week Janember result.

Win Win Lottery Result W 615

Post the draw of the Win Win Lottery Result W 615 Lottery Result individuals need to invigorate the page to see the W-615 Kerala Lottery. The 65 Lakhs of Draw will it again for Kottayam or some other lottery?

The Results are being revived and it will get reflected in the authority media entry of the Kerala lottery after 4:00 PM. Win-Win Lottery Result Today. Individuals need to remember that the fundamental objective of the Kerala lottery Result is to be related to the current Win Win W-615 draw for Kerala Lotteries. Individuals should be guaranteed that the draw for Kerala Bagyakuri winning date is good to go out today in the arrangement

Kerala win win bhagyakauri lottery result

The History Of Kerala lottery

“Kerala State Lotteries is a state-run scheme run by the Kerala government. The lottery department was set up in 1967. The idea of the department came from the then Finance Minister of Kerala, the late PK Kunju Sahib, who envisaged revenue from the sale of lotteries as a major source of non-tax revenue for the state and a stable income source for the poor and common people.”

Full Terms & Condition to claim the Kerala Win-Win Lottery Result 2021

  • As soon as you buy a ticket for the Win-Win lottery, so you have to write your name, date, and your signature at that time.
  • The Lottery Department of Kerala Deducte 10% winning amount as a commission of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prize. This Amount goes to that agent who sold this ticket
  • The winner can claim their amount within only 30 days after the draw of the Win-Win Lottery Result
  • If you are claiming the winning prize of the Win-Win Bhagyakuri so you need to show the original ticket of the lottery to the front of the directorate of the Kerala Lotteries Department.

Kerala Win-Win W 615 Bhagyakuri Price Structure & Result

The winner will bring home Rs 12 crore. The second prize winner will get Rs 1 crore, 3rd will get Rs 10 lakh.

The fourth, fifth, 6th and seventh prize winners will get Rs 5,00,000, Rs 1,00,000, Rs 5,000 and Rs 3,000, individually.

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Note: Check the New result of the Win-Win Lottery Result after Every Refresh & If you can’t see then wait some seconds for new updates Please click on the refresh button.

1st Prize- Rs :75,00,000/ –
WY 195093

Consolation Prize- Rs. 8,000/ :
WN 195093 WO 195093 WP 195093 WR 195093 WS 195093 WT 195093 WU 195093 WV 195093 WW 195093 WX 195093 WZ 195093

2nd Prize- Rs :10,00,000/-

WO 696768

3rd Prize- Rs. 5,000/-

1) WN 675720

2) WO 375552

3) WP 398029

4) WR 311163

5) WS 174736

6) WT 698204

7) WU 390192

8) WV 603277

9) WW 717127

10) WX 582962

11) WY 408941

12) WZ 164123

4th Prize- Rs. 2,000/-

0265 0404 1722 2160 3310 3420 4399 4691 5689 5937 5978 6283 6420 6714 7344 9127 9184 9964

5th Prize- Rs. 1,000/
0978 3222 6200 6557 6949 7071 8924 9134 9188 9566

6th Prize- Rs. 500/-
0396 1582 2699 2824 3192 3950 4970 5616 6523 6781 7702 9155 9466 9476

7th Prize- Rs. 200/-

0041 0367 0496 0957 1230 1297 1400 1481 2067 2098 2535 2642 2816 2816 2863 2922 2933 3067 3184 3703 3705 3753 4343 4498 5625 6053 6677 6701 6791 6970 7026 7481 7662 7803 7881 8095 8226 8312 8334 8370 8671 9251 9430 9436 9467 9513 9559 9595 9614

8th Prize- Rs. 100/-

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Note: Check the New result of the Win-Win Lottery Result after Every Refresh & If you can’t see then wait some seconds for new updates Please click on the refresh button.

Kerala lottery Result

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