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Thai Lottery Results 01-8-2021 Today Live (หวยไทย Lotto August 01st) Thailand Lottery Result Numbers 3up Set/4pc Paper 2.30 PM

Now Thai Lottery Result 01st August 2021 will be announced. This is a Thailand lottery Result Coming To Draw The Lucky Winner On 01/08/2021. You See Our Final Thailand Thai lottery Draw Updates.

Thailand Government Launched its most popular lottery that names the Thailand lottery on 1their declared date (01-04-2021). You can check & if you want to get real and live updates of the Thai lottery result so you can go below section to check the latest updates of the Thai lotto result. Thailand’s lotto is a very amazing chance to win a high amount to invest some money.

What is Thai Lottery?

The Thai lottery is the legal and National lottery of Thailand. Thailand’s Lottery Government office enacted on 11th September 1974, but it becomes effective on 01st October 1974. Thailand Lottery Result Announce every month on 1st & 16 of every month.

thai lottery Result

The Government of Thailand announced its 2 Thai lottery Winner every month. These are only two dates that are legalized for gambling in entire Thailand. In Thailand, the lottery is extremely popular despite the low odds of winning and the adverse payout ratio.

If you win this lottery so, you will get an approx 60% payout from Thailand Government. If you compare it with others so Bingo lottery gave 74% Average Discount Horse Racing gave 81%, Slot Machines gave 89% and the Blackjack gave approx 91% payout to their lottery players. Despite it, the Thai lottery is a hugely popular form of gambling in the whole of Thailand.

How To Play Thai Lotto?

If you want to play the Thai lottery and if you want to win a huge amount of money so first, you need to purchase Thai lottery ticket from the authorized lottery ticket vendors. The Lottery ticket vendors should age is 20 years. All registered & authorized vendors available in their Government offices and their GLO. Where Any person can purchase a lottery ticket and get the chance to win huge prize money.

thai lottery Result

Every Ticket sold in pair for B80 and each ticket has a six-digit lottery number. Thailand government officer verifies these six-digit lottery numbers. Thailand government give their prize money in 5 different prize structure & they all the Separate Lottery Draw.

How to Win Thai Lottery Formula, Tips & Tricks 2021?

If you want as much as the Thai lottery then you first need to buy a lottery from your own city or near Bye Place vendor. Let us know in advance that there is no estimate or Tricks. You can win the Thai Lotto Winning prize only by your luck. The whole game is on your luck as to what number of your lottery will be open and you win or not.

If you think that there will be a trick of this, then let us tell you that there is no such trick, if there was any such trick, today all the people of Thailand can win this lotteries’ winning prize by using this type of trick every time.

thai lottery Result

The government of Thailand is also not corrupt to make any of its favorites a winner. All people are the same for Thailand’s government, so even the government does not give any trick. Whatever website tries to tell that there is a trick to winning the Thai lottery, then tell that there is no trick, these websites do this cheap class method to get huge traffic and earn money. There is no trick

Thai Lottery Result 01-08-2021

Coming soon

Thai Lottery Result 16-07-2021

1st Prize 6,000,000 Baht Per Prize | รางวัลที่ 1 รางวัลละ 6,000,000 บาท


2 Last Numbers 1st Prize 2 Baht Each |เลขท้าย 2 ตัว 1 รางวัลๆละ 2,000 บาท


3 Page Numbers 2 Prize 4,000 Baht Each | เลขหน้า 3 ตัว 2 รางวัลๆละ 4,000 บาท

174 | 058

Last 3 Numbers 2 Prize 4,000 Baht Each

233| 927

Side Reward 1st Prize | 100,000 Baht Per Prize

556724| 556726

2nd Prize | 200,000 Baht Per Prize

293467 342247 365384 639692 892036

3rd Prize | 80,000 Baht Per Prize

095209 277128 296933 367947 462414
569539 640134 807558 838873 932985

4th Prize Have 50 Prizes | 40,000 Baht Per Prize

016597 018282 024202 038765 045572
051925 055601 055815 105592 140209
155736 159233 248677 271683 275332
293411 311096 315510 318390 325522
327020 338252 343742 354227 366094
469947 475009 486401 505611 515417
535236 538659 559479 602217 648530
651528 657775 671916 714855 715322
746858 790040 794604 832235 857273
884015 925115 956805 962063 982464

Thai Lottery Result 01-07-2021

1st Prize 6,000,000 Baht Per Prize | รางวัลที่ 1 รางวัลละ 6,000,000 บาท


2 Last Numbers 1st Prize 2 Baht Each |เลขท้าย 2 ตัว 1 รางวัลๆละ 2,000 บาท


3 Page Numbers 2 Prize 4,000 Baht Each | เลขหน้า 3 ตัว 2 รางวัลๆละ 4,000 บาท

794 | 073

Last 3 Numbers 2 Prize 4,000 Baht Each

511| 414

Side Reward 1st Prize | 100,000 Baht Per Prize

713516 | 713518

2nd Prize | 200,000 Baht Per Prize

398790 481761 577000 776514 907506

3rd Prize | 80,000 Baht Per Prize

112633 370953 449252 463647 512824
515140 594963 628602 653703 781948

4th Prize Have 50 Prizes | 40,000 Baht Per Prize

017608 024833 072071 091198 095053
123473 129551 137545 142611 145132
149972 160589 192736 210018 232868
251695 277069 313543 341533 421711
428306 449585 452963 458012 458468
498990 510525 593873 628663 633700
651097 664498 675268 710137 717202
729892 732758 733558 781270 794728
833388 835333 871053 888415 893891
929611 936260 937647 964413 973694

How to Download Thai Lottery Result PDF?

If you have purchased a Thai lottery ticket from your vendors or you want to see the results of your Thai lottery or if you want that you can download the results of the Thai lottery, then we can tell you by clicking on the link given below You can download the results of Thai lottery.

Our website loves Thailand’s people very much. We absolutely do not want you to have to open a website to see the results of the Thai lottery, again and again, so we have also brought the option to download the offline results for you, which is one click, you can download the Thai Lottery Results Then you will not need to come online and check the results again and again.

thai lottery Result

Step To Step Download Thai Lottery Result Offline

  • You need to open in your browser
  • then go to the top right & click the Search box
  • Search Thai lottery result
  • In front of you open Latest Thai Lotter Result Page
  • You need to open this Page
  • After Open this Go Below & Click Download PDf Button then PDF will download to your phone
  • On this page, you get Thai lottery result online or Offline

How to Buying Thai lottery Tickets?

The Thai lottery is the most famous lottery in entire Thailand. Most people in Thailand prefer to buy this lottery. The Thai lottery has a low winning prize money structure compared to the winning prize and lottery, but even then, the Thai Lottery is the most famous.
This is the reason that you will find Thai lottery vendors in every market streets and villages, you can easily purchase this ticket from them without any document. These vendors can be found in front of big shops and inside malls and outside the malls, whose price is only 40 baht decided by Thailand’s Government.

How to Claim Lottery Result of Thai?

If you play the Thai lottery and if you win any Thai lottery prize amount whose amount is less than B20,000, then you can get the winning prize amount from your vendors as well, from which you have purchased that ticket. Must be less than B20,000.

thai lottery Result

If you win the prize is more than this criteria, then you have to go to the GLO office with that ticket. If you go to GLO’s office to collect a huge winning amount, then you must have that lottery ticket and proof of your residence.


The Thai lottery is the most famous lottery in Thailand and its winning amount is also much higher than Auro but still, it is the most famous in entire Thailand. On this page, you will get the information related to the Thai Lottery and we are giving you the option to download the Thai Lottery Results as well as the Thai Lottery Results.

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