Now we (Our Daily Updates) are allowing you to share your information and new ideas through our website. You can contribute as a guest post, your unique idea should be in relation to our website content and business. www.ourdailyupdates.com is also giving you a chance to become our regular guest post writer. To become our regular article writer on our website you just have to meet all our guidelines. We are taking different types of niche which is related to our website. We are here for you to take advantage of a natural link that will help you to increase your internet reputation and also help to increase website ranking on search engines by which you can also get top position in Google search results which is Big buy.


We Provide General Blog Guest Post Opportunities

Interested in sharing your general marketing expertise with a captive audience? Got a hot topic, marketing tip, or a unique case study that you think our audience would be interested in?

Let us know and you can be our next guest blogger! We are always looking for talented writers in the general marketing niche.

How Did You Find Us?

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If yes, congratulations, you’re in the right place. Be sure to thoroughly review the following contributor guidelines and reach out to us to submit your first post.

What We’re Looking For In A General Guest Post

We are always looking for unique, relevant well-written posts – please no posts that have already been published elsewhere. Your post should preferably be 1000+ words, double-checked for proper spelling and grammar, and able to pass a Copyscape review.

The best blog posts will include fashionable tips, trending information, and in-depth documentation. Any and all claims must be supported by reputable statistics and/or case studies.

Once your post is published on our site, then and only then you are allowed to publish your article elsewhere. If you decide to do so, you must mention the FreePress Directory as the original source and link back to the article on our site.

All Articles Are Subject to Minor Edits by Our Staff.

You can include any number of links pointing to relevant subsidiary authority websites. However, you can only include one (1) link back to your or your client’s website in a text article. Not allowed will not be linked.

We will provide a relevant stock image for the article featured. Any images or graphics you provide within the article must be high quality and at least 800px wide.

Guest Post Topics We Cover

On the News Website, we are interested in small/medium business marketing-related posts for the most part. We specialize in articles in the following industries:

  • Legal Marketing Guest Post Articles
  • Financial Marketing Guest Post Articles
  • Insurance Marketing Guest Post Articles
  • Real Estate Marketing Guest Post Articles
  • Non-Profit Marketing Guest Post Articles
  • Healthcare Marketing Guest Post Articles
  • Tech Marketing Guest Post Articles
  • Web Design & Development Marketing Guest Post Articles
  • Digital Marketing Guest Post Articles
  • General Business Marketing Guest Post Articles
  • Events Guest Post Articles
  • Personal Wiki bio Guest Post Articles

As you can see, we accept articles from a very wide spectrum of industries. If you are not sure whether your article is suitable for our platform, please feel free with a brief description. Generally, we will accept any relevant well-written article touching the above-mentioned industries and popular sub-niches:

  • Content Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Pay-Per-Click Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Video Marketing

Read These Guidelines Before Submitting Your Article

  • Your article must be 100 % original & Unique which does not use on another website,
  • Content length must be at least 800,
  • Content should be free from grammatical errors,
  • Your article must have 2 images or more,
  • We can take 12-18 business hours to review & publish your article,
  • After publishing your article on our website, we will give you the URL of your post via email.

Please make sure to follow all directions and submit your articles as a Microsoft Word document or Google Doc link using the form on our Contact Us Page.