Business News: After Google and Microsoft, Apple also came forward, CEO Tim Cook announced help for India

Business News: After Google and Microsoft, Apple also came forward, CEO Tim Cook announced help for India

After tech giants Google and Microsoft, now iPhone maker company Apple has also come forward to help India struggling with the outbreak of Coronavirus. Apple company CEO Tim Cook has said that he will help India in this difficult situation and will release a relief fund to help India.

Apple CEO Tim Cook has stated that amid the devastating growth of Kovid cases in India, his company is with medical workers and the Apple family is with every team and people who are fighting the epidemic and helping people Will release the Apple Relief Fund for

The second wave of coronavirus in India is at its peak and these days it is wreaking havoc. In the last few weeks, thousands of people have died due to the deadly virus in India. In this time of crisis, India is getting help from different parts of the world. Earlier, Google and Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai and Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella also announced to help India in the hour of crisis.

Sundar Pichai has said that in view of the deteriorating conditions of Kovid-19 in India, Google and Google will give Rs 135 crore fund for medical supplies to Givindia UNICEF, in order to save the lives of serious patients and help people.

On the other hand, Nadella has said that his company will help the country by mobilizing its resources. In a tweet, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella said that my heart is breaking after seeing the situation in India. I am thankful to the American government for helping India. Microsoft is ready to help in every way in this delicate situation of India. To provide relief to India, we will help as much as possible from our resources for the purchase of oxygen concentration machines.

India is going through its most difficult moment in the epidemic so far. Here, a record boom is being seen in Kovid-19 cases daily. There is a severe shortage of oxygen and essential medicines from ventilator beds to hospitals in most cities. India needs an immediate oxygen supply to deal with the increasing number of patients.

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