Live: ElGordo Spanish Christmas Lottery Result & Winnings Number 22 Dec 2020

ElGordo Spanish Christmas Lottery Result

Walkthrough the focal point of Madrid—or any Spanish city or town—this season, and you’ll as of now begin to see this darling custom wake up. Lines pour out of lottery stalls and wind down the road underneath glimmering occasion lights. A huge number of Spaniards will get a lottery ticket (or a few) in the middle of getting things done and Christmas shopping, all anxious to attempt their opportunity at the huge bonanza, known as El Gordo (which is a real sense signifies “the fat one”).

In case you’re believing that the Spanish Christmas lottery is by all accounts a lot greater arrangement than most different lotteries you’re acquainted with, you’re not off-base. Here’s the way this yearly custom became, why it’s essential to so numerous regular individuals here in Spain, and why you would prefer not to pass up a great opportunity.

ElGordo Spanish Christmas Lottery Result

The Full Details of ElGordo Spanish Lottery 2020

  • Billete:-  

A lottery ticket. Like we stated, the entire thing will interfere with you €200. It’s partitioned into 10 décimos of a similar number that have a place with the equivalent series. The drawing comprises of 170 arrangements and there are 170 billets for each número.

  • Décimo: 

One-tenth of a lottery ticket, which sells for €20

  • Número

The main five-digit number of a billet, décimo or participación

  • Participación:

A more modest division of a décimo. Numerous private companies or even a few people will purchase décimos and afterward partition every one of them into a specific number of participants for others to buy at a cost of the décimo proprietor’s decision.

  • Serie: 

A set of billetes with the same número. Each serie consists of 100,000 billetes.

ElGordo Spanish Christmas Lottery Result

Tier Match Amount
“El Gordo”
Coming Soon
2nd Prize
Coming Soon
3rd Prize
Coming Soon
4th Prize
Coming Soon
5th Prize
Coming Soon

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