How to Find the Best Esports Betting Sites in India

How to Find the Best Esports Betting Sites in India

Esports has gained much popularity across the globe and particularly within India. Now you can see many eSports contests and tournaments being hosted regularly, having many local gamers religiously participating in them. With this rising popularity in esports, there are many websites that have now introduced players to betting spaces.

Since esports is relatively new to the Indian audience as compared to other countries, they find it challenging to find good betting websites with current esports tournaments happening in the country. Hence to find the best fit for yourself, you need to search for a few things on the betting website.

This article is for you if you are struggling to find the best betting website or applications to play eSports betting.

Things to check in the esports betting sites in India:

Consider the things listed down below to see if the betting site or application is good enough to have your attention or not:

1.    Go through the sportsbook.

You would find many betting brands online, but not all would have eSports tournaments or matches to offer you.

Hence, the first thing that you must do is go through the sportsbook of that brand. See if there is an eSports section in it. However, it is also possible that they might not feature all the eSports, which means your favorite game may not be on the list. So checking the sportsbook would help you select the best one for you.

2. Check the authenticity of the brand.

Before you consider using any of the platforms to play eSports betting games, you must ensure that you do thorough research on it. First, check its authenticity; if it seems fitting, then that is where to bet on esports in India. To ensure, check if the betting site is registered with any regulatory authority like many legitimate betting websites are registered by UK Gambling Commission while others have a stamp of the Malta Gaming Authority. Being registered means, they must have received a license number from them to each website or application. Therefore, always check the “About Us” section of that particular esports betting platform to see their license number to ensure that it is safe to use.

3. Look for easy payment options.

Without the convenience of depositing and withdrawing money easily, betting would be of no use. So it is essential for you to search for esports betting websites and applications that have different payment options, particularly the ones that are widely used in the country of India. Some of which are Netbanking, UPI, and other e-wallets like PhonePe, Paytm, etc. Having these Indian payment methods, you can easily withdraw and deposit your money. It will make your entire experience of betting online a bit easier and more fun.

4. Esports bonuses are fun.

There are many websites and applications which offer special bonuses and deals which are geared toward the people who are looking forward to betting on esports. They may range from deposited bonuses to offering free bets. Hence, in order to find the best site for betting, search for the offerings the websites have for you, like promos or bonuses. If you do not find any of these, then you would definitely find some kind of welcome bonus that can also be used to bet on esports. Moreover, since the bonus would not have any good or bad influence on your gaming experience, it will definitely add a spark to it, making it more fun to play.

5. Never lose sight of reviews.

In order to ensure that you have a full grip over the website then, you must search for things that can add more information regarding it to your knowledge. For instance, something through which you can get some insights into the website, like the features. For that, you can look up the reviews given by other people who have interacted before with the website. The reviews will give you an overview of the good and bad factors, if the website has any. Moreover, having a general idea will help you decide whether to opt for that particular website or if it is not worth the attention. Hence, never lose sight of the reviews section. These reviews will tell you much about the betting site and what the public thinks about its service.

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