New Packaging Policy 2021: Your Products Will Reach Home Safely

New Packaging Policy 2021: Your Products Will Reach Home Safely

When you buy or order everything from food to grocery and from home to office, the packaging is very important in this process. Keeping this importance in mind, the central government is considering bringing a new packaging policy. Special Secretary (Logistics) Pawan Aggarwal presented the roadmap in a consultation meeting held on 9 February by the Logistic Department of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry.

Pawan Aggarwal said that packaging actually acts as an interface between the user and the logistics companies. Efficient and sustainable logistics is important for environmentally friendly packaging. Therefore, to improve the overall logistics efficiency scenario, more attention needs to be paid to packaging. This meeting was organized about the National Packaging Policy.

What are the objectives of logistics policy?

This new policy is currently being finalized. Talking about the objectives of this policy, it includes reducing the cost of logistics, ensuring the safety of the product, and promoting stability. This was considered in a meeting organized with various industries like Confederation of Indian Industry, Food, Beverage, and E-commerce.

It was also discussed that what is the atmosphere in the Indian packaging sector at this time and what improvements should be made to achieve better results. Points considered include standardization, standardization, cohesion, research and development, skills, etc. There was a general consensus in this meeting that where packaging needs more attention. Many other important suggestions came about packaging.

Employment opportunities will increase, training will also be emphasized

The Special Secretary advised the Indian Institute of Packaging to prepare a short-term course to increase the efficiency of the personnel for packaging. He also requested the Logistics Sector Skill Council to prepare at least 8-10 employment lists in packaging as soon as possible to construct the talent bridge. Aggarwal said that industry, education, and the government will need to cooperate to promote research, development, and innovation in this field.

E-commerce companies like Amazon, Flipkart were also requested to invest in packaging. The reason is that these companies are among the largest users of packaging materials. The government also intends to increase employment opportunities through this new policy. It was informed that a consultation meeting will be held again in the special sector.

A meeting will be held with various ministries

Logistics like TVS, TCI, APL participated in the national packaging initiative. The issue of palatization and its role in improving operational logistic efficiency through better use of fixed area during transportation were also discussed. Special Secretary Pawan Aggarwal said that the logistics efficiency can be handled by the Ministry and not by the logistics companies. In this regard, a meeting will be held with various ministries to take this initiative further.

The Special Secretary advised that attention has been paid to research done earlier for the solution of sustainable packaging. Recycling and reuse of packaging materials were also discussed. It was also said that special attention will also need to be given to the use of hazardous and chemical substances in packaging.

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