Significance of Link Building Agency for Small Businesses

Significance of Link Building Agency for Small Businesses

Do you know that link building is a significant factor in how search engines like Google rank web pages? 

As you can guess, more links mean ranking higher on search results. But link building isn’t always easy and requires a specific set of skills. A link building agency can help your brand receive higher site metrics, SEO scores, and more opportunities for revenue generation. 

This guide focuses on link building and why it is essential to rank higher in search results. But before that, let us fully understand what link building is.

Link Building: Explained

Link building basically involves acquiring links to your brand’s website from other websites. These links are also called backlinks. If you can get backlinks from quality sites, you can pass authority to your brand website. And most importantly, it will help you rank higher on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

In short, these links show a website’s popularity and authority to the search engines. First, the search engine looks for the links leading to that website and sees how often they are cited along with the quality of those references. Receiving more links from popular and trustworthy sites would mean that the search engine considers the site more relevant in its area of expertise.

More links mean more traffic for small businesses, and more traffic means more customers.

Why is Link Building Important?

Your brand’s website cannot rank higher without inbound links, guaranteed! There are endless reasons to make an efficient link building strategy, and a link building agency will help you understand the same. Here are some of them: –

  • Links are among the most important factors for ranking web pages.
  • Take note of the fact that links are what make the web.
  • Links usually direct you to great content that deserves to rank higher.
  • Google has confirmed that it is unnatural to find websites without backlinks.
  • It is only through links that Google discovers your website.

Links to your brand websites are basically popularity votes, and the more votes you receive, the more popular your business becomes on Google. So, the question is—Why not create thousands of links?

The answer is simple: All links are not created equal.

Then, which links are more valuable? 

  • A link from an article on a popular news website after they have interviewed you.
  • Or a link from an average blog site that has a few posts from the past year.

It should be obvious to you that the link from the popular news website is more valuable. 

Figure Out the Valuable Links

Okay! Now you know that popular web pages win over unpopular ones. But how does a link-building agency figure out which links are valuable to your business? 

Well, many factors can contribute to the value of a link. Let us take a look at a few aspects that make a link valuable.

  • Relevance

If your business deals with electrical equipment, getting a link from a website dedicated to electrical equipment can be far more valuable than a website dedicated to surfing. A link-building agency will make sure to get links only from relevant websites.

  • Authority & Trust

We have already seen that links from trusted and authority websites are more important compared to less-trusted websites. Often the link-building agency will talk about links from.GOV and.EDU domains. This is because these links come from trusted websites such as a government agencies or a university. 

Going for links from popular websites is a good idea as a general rule of thumb.

  • Diversity

Search engines like Google prefer to see a wide variety of links. This indicates trust, and if a website does not have a natural ‘link profile’, it may be red-flagged. A link building agency usually targets the following types of links: –

  • Bloggers that talk about business.
  • Website directories.
  • People who share your website on their social media page.
  • Reviews on websites like Yelp, Google Places, Insider Pages, etc.

Rank Higher in Search Results with AdLift

There are indeed quite a few link building agencies in the country today, but not all offer quality services. AdLift is one of the leading link building agencies that can help amplify your business presence.

With a team of experts with the required skillset, AdLift will expand your business before you know it. Visit AdLift’s website to get in touch with the experts today!

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