Top 10 Best Stocks in this Week, a Gain of Rs 692.7 on Each Share of AstraZeneca

Top 10 Best Stocks in this Week, a Gain of Rs 692.7 on Each Share of AstraZeneca

The second wave of Corona is getting the most impact on the stock market. There were a lot of ups and downs in the market this week. On the last day of the week, the market closed down on Friday. However, there were some stocks this week that made a big profit for their investors. Let’s see which stocks have given strong returns this week in large-cap and mid-cap stocks on NSE …

Supreme Petro’s Supreme Leap

Supreme Petro shares rose 30.46 percent to Rs 649.45 from Rs 497.80 this week. That is, the stock achieved a growth of Rs 151.65 per share. DCM Shriram’s stock was at number two, which jumped 28.36 percent in a week. A week ago the value of one share of the company was Rs 512.30, which has now risen to Rs 657.60. Poly Medicure shares at number three. The pharma sector stock gained 21.84 percent in a week. It has risen from Rs 840.50 to Rs 1024.10.

Alexander of the Week: Top-10 stocks of large-cap and mid-cap ones with-profits

Stock Latest Stock PRice एक हफ्ते पहले बंद भाव रुपये में उछाल रुपये में उछाल प्रतिशत में सप्ताह का Low/High
Supreme Petro 649.45 497.8 151.65 30.46 476.90/672.30
DCM Shriram 657.6 512.3 145.3 28.36 507.00/724.40
Poly Medicure 1024.1 840.5 183.6 21.84 815.55/1085.15
AstraZeneca 4234.15 3541.45 692.7 19.56 3393.35/4579.85
AGC Networks 1671.35 1399.2 272.15 19.45 1362.00/1738.90
Adani Transmission 1065.45 899.25 166.2 18.48 860.10/1082.00
Astral PolyTech 1693.1 1440.85 252.25 17.51 1411.20/1749.00
CAMS 2096.05 1792.95 303.1 16.91 1780.00/2158.00
Cadila Healthcare 570.9 489.95 80.95 16.52 478.55/577.35
ICICI Securities 448.95 393.75 55.2 14.02 387.00/458.75


A profit of Rs 692.7 on every share of AstraZeneca

If you look at the profit per share in rupee terms this week, AstraZeneca made a profit of 692.7 on every share. Shares of the pharma company gave a return of 19.56 percent in a week. The company’s stock was worth Rs 3541.45 a week ago, which has now risen to Rs 4234.15. At the same time, CAMS gained Rs 303.10 on each of its shares.

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