What is Thai Lottery? Full Explanation & Overview

thailand lottery

What is the Thai Lottery?

The Thai lottery is the legal and National lottery of Thailand. Thailand’s Lottery Government office was enacted on 11th September 1974, but it becomes effective on 01st October 1974. Thai Lottery Result Announce every month on 1st & 16 of every month.

thai lottery Result

The Government of Thailand announced its 2 Thai lottery Winner every month. These are only two dates that are legalized for gambling in entire Thailand. In Thailand, the lottery is extremely popular despite the low odds of winning and the adverse payout ratio.

If you win this lottery so, you will get an approx 60% payout from Thailand Government. If you compare it with others so Bingo lottery gave 74% Average Discount Horse Racing gave 81%, Slot Machines gave 89% and the Blackjack gave approx 91% payout to their lottery players. Despite it, the Thai lottery is a hugely popular form of gambling in the whole of Thailand.

How To Play Thai Lotto?

If you want to play the Thai lottery and if you want to win a huge amount of money so first, you need to purchase a Thai lottery ticket from the authorized lottery ticket vendors. The Lottery ticket vendors should age is 20 years. All registered & authorized vendors available in their Government offices and their GLO. Where Any person can purchase a lottery ticket and get the chance to win huge prize money.

thai lottery Result

Every Ticket is sold in pairs for B80 and each ticket has a six-digit lottery number. Thailand government officer verifies these six-digit lottery numbers. Thailand government give their prize money in 5 different prize structure & they all the Separate Lottery Draw.

How to Buying Thai lottery Tickets?

The Thai lottery is the most famous lottery in entire Thailand. Most people in Thailand prefer to buy this lottery. The Thailand lottery has a low winning prize money structure compared to the winning prize and lottery, but even then, the Thai Lottery is the most famous. This is the reason that you will find Thai lottery vendors in every market street and village, you can easily purchase this ticket from them without any document. These vendors can be found in front of big shops and inside malls and outside the malls, whose price is only 40 baht decided by Thailand’s Government.

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