Neha Gupta

Meet Neha Sharma, a dynamic event planner and prolific event blogger with a rich background in the world of events. With three years of hands-on experience in event management, Neha is a creative force behind successful gatherings. Having completed her event management courses from The Institute of Event Management Delhi (IIEM Delhi), she combines her formal education with practical expertise to deliver seamless and memorable events. Neha's passion for events extends beyond planning; she shares her extensive knowledge and insights through engaging blogs. Her articles not only offer valuable tips and tricks for event planning but also showcase her keen eye for detail and innovative ideas. Neha's expertise lies in turning ordinary occasions into extraordinary experiences, and her blogs reflect this expertise, providing readers with inspiration and practical advice. Whether you're organizing a corporate conference or a social celebration, Neha's unique perspective and expertise are sure to guide you toward creating unforgettable moments.

Home Decore Ideas

Decorating With Plates Adds a Special Touch to Your Home Decor

Utilizing brightening plates as home-style has become an extremely famous pattern in the present homes. We should investigate a few fun, straightforward approaches to be innovative with dishes, and simultaneously, improve the character of your home. Beautifying plate sets are the ideal brightening thought to add intrigue and appeal to your kitchen. Adorning with plates…

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