Punjabi Roka Ceremony of Indian Traditional Weddings – An Important Pre Wedding Ritual

Punjabi Roka Ceremony

The most traditional and the first ritual is Roka Ceremony at the Punjabi weddings. But, some people are unaware of the things and important facts of the ritual before the Punjabi Roka Ceremony. Here, we are going to tell you about everything each and every detail of the Roka Ceremony that helps you to understand the main purpose of the Roka Ceremony and why this ceremony is important at Punjabi weddings all over the world. To know each and every detail, just read out the full article to the end and get all the answers to your questions which are all related to being Wedding Rituals.

What is Punjabi Roka Ceremony?

Roka Ceremony is an important ritual in weddings which is taken as the indicator for both bride & Groom that they are going to stay together a lifetime. If we say in a simple language, the Roka Ceremony is simply called the announcement of the wedding. In the past time, the Roka Ceremony was not much successful and famous as it is now. In the past time, it was just a meeting for the bride and groom’s family and eat some sweets. But along with time, like all rituals and traditions, Roka Ceremony becomes important in every family function wedding.

Punjabi Roka Ceremony

If we go further for the Roka Ceremony so, in the Punjabi family, the Roka Ceremony function is organized by the bride’s family or side. But now, things have changed in the ceremony where both sides of the family can organize the function together. Elders of the bride and groom’s family know better about this ritual, it is better to talk to them about this, they can clear the misunderstanding of the function because many families don’t follow the same rituals.

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Important Steps for Roka Ceremony Done

To organize the Roka Ceremony, here are the procedure to organize the proper ceremony. The following steps help you to understand the main meaning and procedure of the ceremony. Here are some steps:

  1. Selecting the venue:- Mainly, the venue is always officially becoming the bride’s home but it is not necessary because if the family wants the venue so, they can select any banquet hall or park side to celebrate the function according to their people.
  2. Tilak:- Tilak is the procedure for starting the ceremony. People just paste the sandalwood and applied on the bride and groom’s forehead.
  3. Giving Blessings:- After finishing the procedure, elders of the house blessing the bride and groom and another member of the family exchange sweets with each other and also some fruits, and clothes.
  4. Giving Red Chunni or Dupatta:- After completing all the rituals. The grooms’ mother gives a Red Chunni on her head and blessing her with cash, sweets, and more things. Then, the bride’s parents come and they also give cash, clothes and any other item.

Roka- Starting off the Marriage Rituals

After sharing the happy moments with the family and fixing the marriage. The family members of the bride & Groom also organized the party and invites their selected ones. Roka Ceremony is not a big deal in the youngster’s time because most of the people are unaware of the procedure of the ceremony.

You need to decide what how your function should be, it will be big or small. At the time, your parents and you are sitting in the same boat. The easy and best way to decides the event size, just to talk to your elders to decide how big the event you want to be held for your wedding. Also, choose your venue wisely.

Punjabi Roka Ceremony

Dressing Design for Roka Ceremony

In the Punjabi Roka Ceremony, traditional dress is important. The bride can wear anything in the design like a suit, and Kurta Pajama. On the other side, the groom can choose a beautiful saree, suit, and lehenga choli. If you want to make your ceremony more interesting, you can ask your guest to also follow the traditional theme.

Decor your theme according to your Event

If you are planning to organize your Roka event in your home so you have to find a decoration service provider. There are lots of ways to make your event more attractive. If you are thinking the set your venue outside. Go and check the best decoration for your Roka Ceremony.

After selecting and booking the venue. You also need to book your catering to have delicious food at your function. You can book hotel catering and you can book outdoor caters as well. If you are going to organize your function in a hotel so, you can book hotel catering and if you are doing outside, so you can book outside catering as well. You have both options and both are better.

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