10 Fun & Creative Freshers Party Games

Party Games for Freshers

I still remember the games I played at my first freshers’ party when I just step in my collage. That games were really amazing and fun, that moments became special memories of my life. Anyways, today I’m going to share some comfortable & incredible Freshers Party Games which you will love.

In the life of every youngster, his/her college life experience was inexpressible. The moment when juniors meet with their seniors for the first time and play fun games with them was incredible. As your host today, I share some great games for freshers party with you which helps you to interact with your seniors and make a friendship bond with them. And at the end of this post, got it? Let’s jump on our first game now.

List of Party Games for Freshers

1. Pin the Tail on the Donkey

I’m pretty much sure you have already seen this game on tv, even some of you already played it many times. As the name suggests, you simply have to pin the paper tail on a without tail donkey image. But is it that simple? Obviously not. You have to perform this task blindfolded which makes it really critical.

2. Spoons and Eggs

Usually, this game is for kids, but that is not mandatory. Adults or even college students can also play this freshers party game with their seniors. Caution: if you are like me who hate the smell of eggs, then this game is not for you. Check out other games for the freshers party below.

3. 20 Questions

Here’s one of my favorite games that comes in the ground. Whenever I have my friends around, I play this game with them and it’s a really good time pass. The best part of this game is that you don’t need anything for playing this game at your fresher party.

The rules of these games are very clear and simple but still, the game is not that simple. In this game, the recipient has to think about an object which is available around him. And other players are allowed to ask up to 20 yes or no questions from him to find out what object it is.

4. Hot Potato

Don’t go over the name of this game, because you do not need to have a potato bucket to play this game, Keep the potatoes in your home. But yes, for this fresher party game you need a ball.

All the players i.e. seniors & juniors should sit in a circle and one of them stands in the middle of the circle with blindfolded eyes. Then the passing of the ball in the circle will start and no one can keep the ball for more than a second. Randomly the player stands in the middle will yell Hot Potato and at that time, the player which has the ball in hand is OUT.

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5. Limbo

Here’s another famous party game that comes on the list. Limbo is a popular game and because of its requirement, you can play it at your freshers’ party. If you are a Yoga guy or girl, unlike me, then you can easily win this game. For playing this game, your body needs to be flexible.

In this game, 2 people hold the pole from opposite sides and one player tries to walk under the pole without getting touched with the pole. As every player crosses the round, the pole gets slightly lower.

6. Novel

Have you interested in reading novels? If yes, then this game is for you or if you have the talent of story maker, then winning this game is easy for you. Unfortunately, I’m really bad in the story making even I also hate to read novels, that’s why I never win this game against my friends. But its really funs to play this game with them.

For this game, you just need a copy and a pen, one of the players will randomly start writing a line of the story for a limited second of time, then he/she pass the copy to 2nd player, then 2nd player also writes another line of the story by her/his mind in the seconds of the time. This attempt continues till the last players and the one who didn’t write the storyline in the fixed time will OUT.

7. Ping Pong Ball

If you like funny games and want to play it at your freshers party, then this is for you. For this game, you need a table and some ping pong balls.

In this game, the players sit on the opposite side of the table in front of each other’s, and a ping pong ball is placed in the middle of the table. When the start, both the players start blowing the ping pong ball to their opposite player’s direction. The player who wins in making the ball fall off the table will win the game.

8. Two Truths and a Lie

Guess What? You can play this game with your senior & juniors at the freshers party is not only for fun even you have a great chance to introduce yourself through this game. This game is very easy and challenging together and the best part I found in this game is that you not need to have anything for this game except your brain (LOL). 😂

In this game, every player will tell 3 statements about themselves in which 2 are true & one is a lie. Other players have to guess which statement is lie by looking at her/him facial expressions.

9. Psychiatrist

One of the most challenging games which I ever played in my life. Infect I spend almost 1 hour in understanding this game and I did this only for my lovely readers 🥰. So that I can bring the best out of the best game for their freshers party. Now, as I said earlier, this game is really challenging for everyone.

In this game, one person who becomes the psychiatrist will leave the room. Impersonate someone else in the room in a specific pattern. The one person then comes back into the room and try to figure out the pattern everyone is following by asking questions.

10. Make People Laughed

The thing in which I’m really perfect is making people laughed. And if you also have such kind of talent, then here’s the game which you will love to play.

You just need to show your talent & do weird things to make people laugh in a limited time, if anyone in the group laugh, you will win the game.

I hope these games are enough for a superb Freshers party. If you want more game ideas, then do comments, and don’t forget to follow us on our social accounts.

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