Karthika Deepam 10th November 2020 Written Update: Soundarya uses her influence to trace Karthik location

Karthika Deepam

The scene begins with Hima says you’re comforting me however you all realize that he won’t return until he discovered my folks so please let me know whether he calls you then I will disclose to him that I needn’t bother with my folks and I’m awful that is the reason I used to hurt him with my conduct. Soundarya figures Hima may get fits in the event that she cries along these lines, how to comfort her then she gets a call from Commissioner.


Soundarya requests that they follow Karthik’s area. Deepa asks whether she began looking. Soundarya says yes I mentioned the magistrate to look privately. Aditya arrives at home, unfortunately. Soundarya asks whether he get any data. Aditya sats telephone flags likewise not accessible and he shut each way. Hima unfortunately leaves than Aditya says your Dad will re-visitation you. Hima asks when? Also, tragically leaves to her room.

Monika contemplates Karthik. Priyamani asks Mounitha to have food and says that Karthik did great by venturing out from home and in the event that he won’t rebound for the long term than that Soundarya and Deepa will get their exercise. Mounitha slaps Priyamani saying what will befall me if Karthik won’t restore, I can’t survive without his essence around me and I need him to return back and I wish to meet him day by day until then I won’t rest, you get it. Priyamani gestures yes and leaves the room.

Deepa cries in the storeroom. Soundarya asks what she is doing at this spot. Deepa says there is no one to comfort since everybody is in torment and my life became like this storeroom. Soundarya makes her getup. Deepa cries saying I contemplated Kids however never consider my significant other and I avoided him as a result of my dignity and I didn’t attempt to set my wedded life. Soundarya says you bore such a great amount to set your wedded life.

Deepa cries saying I’m a Bad Wife and Mounitha words are valid about me, I never saw Karthik torment. Soundarya says Karthik is the purpose behind your conduct so don’t accuse yourself. Deepa says she is bearing the damnation without Karthik’s presence. Soundarya says it’s your adoration for him that is the reason you generally petition God for his security.

Does Deepa solicit what’s the utilization from it? furthermore, I simply need him to get back securely, we are the person who makes him leave without uncovering reality to him. Soundarya says you don’t have the foggiest idea how awful I’m feeling at this moment. Deepa says I know it. Soundarya says they didn’t do any misstep so don’t accuse yourself and she takes Deepa with her.

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