Top 10 Home Security Tips

Top 10 Home Security Tips

Want to keep your home secure from intruders? It’s not an easy task, but there are plenty of measures you can take to maximize home security. While you can’t prevent someone from wanting to attack your home, you can make it incredibly inconvenient for them and even deter them completely. Here are a few examples to help you get started.

Hide your valuables

While it may seem like an obvious tip, keeping your valuables out of sight can help keep your home safe. A burglar’s priority isn’t to find a home that’s easy to get into, but rather a home that has something worth stealing.

If they can see valuable items through the windows, that makes for an easy target. By keeping things hidden, you can reduce the risk of someone breaking into your home. 

Use outdoor lighting

Heavy lighting is another great way to discourage would-be burglars from approaching your home in the first place. People that are up to no good don’t like to be in the spotlight, which is why they tend to make their moves at night. 

Use outdoor lighting

Double-check the locks

Another obvious thing you should do is check your locks before you leave the house. Normally, you probably don’t keep tabs on the locks all day, so it’s worth double-checking them. 

Do this for both the doors to the house as well as the garage to keep your home more secure. 

Keeping everything lit up at night might not be the best idea, though. Consider installing motion-activated LED lights in your front and back yard. The sudden appearance of light will help make your home a less attractive burglary target. 

Keep your spare key hidden

Plenty of folks keep a spare key tucked away beneath the doormat or in another obvious location for when they lose their main key. The issue is that criminals are aware of this, and they’re likely to check plenty of spots near the door. 

Choose some less obvious places to keep your hide-a-key safe. Just don’t forget where you put it. 

Make it look like you’re at home

Your home is most vulnerable when you’re not at home. Because of this, giving the impression that you’re at home would help keep it a tiny bit safer.

You should leave the TV on or turn on the lights whenever you leave the house at night. It’s not a foolproof method, but it might fool a few would-be burglars into avoiding your home. 

Lock the garage

When protecting their homes, people tend to forget about their garage. It’s an easy entry point if you don’t secure it properly. 

Locking the garage is a given, but you should also make sure that the remote isn’t in your car if you leave it in the driveway. At the same time, you should keep your garage windows and the house door to the garage locked at night. 

Minimize shrubbery

We all like having luscious and gorgeous gardens, but they can be a detriment when it comes to home security. Outdoor lighting and security systems won’t mean much if a burglar has plenty of space to hide in the greenery.

Keep the shrubbery to a minimum, and you’ll give burglars less incentive to raid your home. 

Have someone pick up your mail

Another telltale sign of an empty home is a mailbox full of mail. It tells burglars that the home is unoccupied, and it will probably remain unoccupied for some time.

Have someone pick up your mail

If possible, have a neighbor or friend pick up your mail while you’re away on vacation. It’s a small detail that can help keep your home much safer.

Upgrade the locks

While we may feel safe when locking our doors, chances are that most of our locks aren’t nearly as burglar-proof as we might think. Even if your front door has a sturdy lock, the other doors in your home might not be as strong. 

It’s strongly recommended that you contact a professional Locksmith to upgrade the locks on your doors. With the latest and most secure locks, you can rest easy knowing nobody will be able to break in. 

Install an alarm system

An alarm system is one of the more effective ways to stop and prevent burglaries. You never know if someone might break into your home while you’re there or away. Burglars tend to attack homes during work hours, so what do you do if you’re working from home and someone gets past your other security measures?

A loud and imposing alarm system will make a major difference. It’s likely that a burglar will immediately leave once they hear the alarm, and you can alert the authorities immediately. 


There are plenty of ways to make your home more secure if you know where to make improvements. If you implement some or all of the above examples, you can be sure that your home won’t be broken into any time soon. 

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